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I have laughed and sometimes even cried with clients during difficult times in their lives. Over time, I have been able to help my clients re-engage in their own personal lives and reconnect in their own physicality because I too have experienced personal physical and emotional anxiety. I am extremely passionate about what I do. I understand the difficulty but stand firm by believing failure is not an option. No two workouts are ever the same and after private consultation, we can establish realistic short and long term goals. I feel confident that together, we can develop an uplifted self-esteem and lead you to a happier, healthier and more productive life.

"I started personal training with Stephen about 3 years ago, soon after I had my daughter. I was adjusting to becoming a parent and to the new body that motherhood brings. Stephen really worked with me at my ability level. Over time, he gave me the right kinds of healthy challenges to become stronger and more confident. His many years of experience show in the creativity of the workouts he puts together session after session. He understands that change takes time, consistency, and positive support. Because of the work I put in with Stephen, I’ve become stronger, improved my mindset about exercise, and continued to prioritize my health."


Emma H.

Online personal trainer for women

"After my physician told me that my weight and blood pressure were putting my health at risk, I decided to start exercising with a trainer. Stephen took me on as a client, even though he was very busy with other folks, and literally turned me into a new person. With his training program, I lost 40 lbs, develop real muscles and my blood pressure is now in a healthy range. Continuing to train with Stephen has allowed me to maintain the best physical condition that I've been in since college. I fully endorse him as a trainer!"

Michael F.

Virtual Personal Trainer, Online Bodybui

"My fitness goals are, in order of importance: 1) Avoid injury. 2) Maintain bone and muscle mass as I age. 3) Stay as healthy, active, and fit as I can. 4) Have a body that I can be proud of. Stephen has helped me to achieve and maintain those goals. He has decades of experience as a trainer and I never get bored. He always comes up with new ways to challenge, interest, and sometimes torment me. He intuitively knows how far to push me which, as it turns out, is pretty far. He’s a great motivator, and he inspires me to keep up the hard work even when I’m not working with him. He’s an awesome, nice guy and working with him is a blast. He always leaves me feeling challenged and inspired, but never burned out or discouraged. At the age of 64, I have a level of fitness and a body that would make a man half my age proud. Stephen had helped to achieve those things and I’m grateful to him!"

Ernie G.

"I started training with Stephen about 1 year ago and walked in with the attitude of hating the gym, not knowing where to start or even if my goals were attainable. I'll say that within the first month of personal training, my whole attitude turned around and my view on working out and dreading the gym changed completely. One of the great benefits of the personal training for me was that I had a leader to show me the way and to really think for me when it came to mapping out each session. Stephen works with you and not only helps you work towards and achieving your initial goals but adapts to the new ones you make for yourself as you progress. The training is so dynamic as well as interesting. I feel like I am always doing a new exercise or routine that I've never done before and it takes the tediousness out of your workout. The results have been incredible physically, mentally, and I even changed my diet to be much healthier than it had been. Stephen, I really want to thank you for all the things you have done to motivate and move me alone when I thought that I could not accomplish my goals. Even when we are working out at 5:30 am and I really would like to sleep for another hour. You have convinced me that I can do it and to try new things. With your help, I now feel I can accomplish anything!"


Chris J.


"I trained with Stephen for over six years. Prior to training with him, I had two other trainers over the years. He was the cream that rose to the top in every conceivable way. Throughout the years of working with Stephen, he demonstrated an amazing ability to create new exercises time and time again to help me achieve my goals. He is patient, kind, encouraging, competent, and always “walks the talk”. He never asked me to do anything he wasn’t willing to do. He is an incredible bodybuilder himself and took on the challenge of competing in bodybuilding contests. He took posing lessons and did everything else necessary to be a successful competitor in that arena. Now how many trainers have taken their personal training to that level? He works hard!! If you’re looking for a trainer, I can tell you from personal experience, he’s the very best!!!"

Rona A.


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