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When you work with me, we become a team, mirroring the same goals and expectations.

Contest preparation requires dedication and an educated approach to effectively compete against today's competition. I can get you ready to take on the competition and coach you through the process to victory.

"Sculpting the body is an art form as the trainer.  I am the artist, and my clients’ results are my masterpiece."

To get started, we will choose an appropriate contest given a realistic time frame. Then, your workout, nutrition, and diet will be evaluated in order to effectively map out your future success. With my experience and knowledge, I will develop the most effective strategy to ensure your condition is spot-on for your show.

I am ready to help you achieve your goals, whether if it's for the first time, or to take your back to the competition stage.


Stephen Connally Personal Trainer Virtual Workouts


  • ​Nutritional Evaluation

  • Diet Design and Manipulation

  • Workout Design

  • Fitness Assessment

  • Progression Photos

  • Coaching Start to Finish

Personal Trainer for Virtual Workouts

Remember, it is important to understand the dedication and sacrifice needed to compete successfully. I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and being punctual are crucial parts to achieving your goals.

It's a tough road, but well worth the prize. The goal of Contest Training is to achieve your optimal physique for the day of the show.


Following my plan and coaching will get you competition ready in record time.

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